I2P is free and open source, and is published under multiple licenses. Software. I2P 0.9.31-0 router console. Since I2P is an anonymous network layer, it is designed so other software can use it for anonymous communication. As such, there are a variety of tools currently available for I2P …

Naming and Addressbook - I2P I2P ships with a generic naming library and a base implementation designed to work off a local name to destination mapping, as well as an add-on application called the addressbook. I2P also supports Base32 hostnames similar to Tor's.onion addresses. What is I2P? What is I2P used for? How to use I2P You should now be able to connect to I2P websites, known as eepsites which have the .i2p suffix. Enter the address of any eepsite (one of the .i2p links in the Router Console window is a good place to start). At first, you will not have any eepsites in your router’s Address book so you will need the help of a ‘jump’ service. Introduction to the i2p darkweb

The Basics. Kovri is a C++ implementation of the @I2P network. Kovri is currently in heavy, active development and not yet integrated with Monero. When Kovri is integrated into your Monero node, your transactions will be more secure than ever before.. In-depth information. Kovri will protect you and Monero from: node partitioning attacks; Associations between a particular txid and your IP address

Configuring - i2pd documentation i2pcontrol.address: The address to listen on (I2P control service) i2pcontrol.port: Port of I2P control service. Usually 7650. I2PControl is off if not specified: i2pcontrol.enabled: If I2P control is enabled. false by default: i2pcontrol.password: I2P control authentication password. itoopie by default: i2pcontrol.cert Frequently Asked Questions - I2P Many applications leak sensitive information that could identify you on the Internet and this is a risk that one should be aware of when using the I2P SOCKS proxy. I2P only filters connection data, but if the program you intend to run sends this information as content, I2P has no way to protect your anonymity.

I2P Anonymous Network

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