So, you want to connect to the internet with your Xbox 360. You will need an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter. But you don’t want to shell out the $100 for the adapter. No one blames you. That money could be used for another couple of games, or at least something more enjoyable and useful than an object with only one function.

Step 2: Windows 10 will install drivers for Xbox 360 automatically. Step 3: As soon as the driver is installed, you can start using the Xbox 360 controller on your PC.You can open a game and test all the buttons and stick to see if you can play on the PC. Jul 10, 2017 · Despite the Xbox 360 getting a little long in the tooth, you can still find official Xbox 360 “For Windows” controller packs both on the shelves at many electronics retailers, online, and directly from Microsoft. And hey, if you only need the USB receiver, you can always sell the controller on Craigslist and try to get your money back. Use a PC to ensure that all router settings are complete before turning on the Xbox 360. Turn on the Xbox 360. Select My Xbox→System Settings on the dashboard. If the Xbox 360 is connected to a modem using an Ethernet cable, the wireless function will be turned off. There is an even simpler way.If you look at the back of the cable box, there is an Ethernet port that says network above it. hook the xbox straight to the cable box and the rest was done for you Oct 17, 2017 · HOW TO CONNECT XBOX 360 TO YOUR TV! Without an HDMI Cable\r\r-Easy, fast, and simple\rToday im going to show you guys how to easily hook up an xbox 360 console to a tv only using av output (no HDMI cables needed).\rConnecting an xbox to a tv is super simple :) Digital Xbox 360 audio. You make an Xbox 360 digital audio connection by using an optical cable (called a Toslink). To connect your Xbox 360 to your stereo using a digital cable, follow these steps: 1. Make sure that you’re using one of the following Xbox 360 AV cables that connects digital audio:

Nov 05, 2012 · Now connect the command of the Xbox 360 with the cable to the computer. Green lights around the main button will light up and then go off , unlike when connected to the console that always remain on. Now we have to go to System Preferences , where we find a new configuration menu command.

Old Xbox and new tv cant be hooked up! How do i do this Feb 02, 2020 how do i hook up x-box 360 tp the internet? | Yahoo Answers

May 07, 2008 · My XBox 360 is too far from my wireless router (attached to my computer upstairs) to get any kind of good signal. I am trying to run a wired connection directly from my Comcast cable box ethernet port to my 360. First I run the "Test Xbox Live Connection", but once it gets to the "IP address" confirmation tab it says "failed".

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