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firefox - Locking Preferences in Mozilla - Server Fault For security reasons, we need to "lock" some of the preferences in Mozilla Firefox. We are running Windows XP and the latest version of Mozilla version 14.0.1. In particular some of the security preferences such as Security.ask_for_password. Disable about:preferences • mozillaZine Forums Mar 09, 2014 PSM:Changing Trust Settings - MozillaWiki Apr 09, 2020

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Mar 06, 2020 8 Pros and Cons of Firefox - 3. Firefox offers a number of very helpful extensions to the browsers. From video downloading assistance to IT session managers, there are a number of extensions that can be added to Firefox to customize the experience. This makes it extremely useful to sync passwords, manage bookmarks, and sort out personal preferences. Firefox Voice | browse the internet with your voice - Mozilla

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Firefox Autoconfig - MIT This file must be located in the root of the Mozilla Firefox binary directory (i.e. the same directory as firefox-bin on UNIX or firefox.exe on Windows). The general.config.obscure_value preference specifies how the configuration file is obscured. Firefox expects that each byte in the file will be rotated by the specified value. The default Mozilla Firefox shortcut keys - Computer Hope Mar 06, 2020 8 Pros and Cons of Firefox -