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The PKCS11 configuration file is specified for the IBMPKCS11Impl security provider in the file used in the JSSE study.. The contents of the PKCS11 configuration file for Java™ Version 5 used for the JSSE study are shown here. The pkcs11.cfg is the configuration file which defines what the Java PKCS11 interface can get from or put to the HSMs. For the detailed configuration files, consult with the HSM vendors. To create the provider dynamically, add below codes in the application you have before creating the hardware keystore instance. Enable PKCS11 in the JRE. In the jre/security/lib directory, add a security provider. In file add a line for the provider (change the number to be one more than the last provider already in the file) SunPKCS11 provider = new SunPKCS11("/home/user/pkcs11.cfg"); It seems, you have something wrong in the configuration file pkcs11.cfg. If there are parentheses or other special characters, try to escape them with the backslash: library=C:\\Program Files \(x86\)\\abc\\def.dll JDK-7020925 : Include x64 version of SunPKCS11 Provider with Windows x64 JRE Note: Java SE only facilitates accessing native PKCS#11 implementations, it does not itself include a native PKCS#11 implementation. However, cryptographic devices such as Smartcards and hardware accelerators often come with software that includes a PKCS#11 implementation, which you need to install and configure according to manufacturer's instructions.

In the “pkcs11.cfg” referenced from, An invalid token name will NOT suppress “PKCS11Config”, but it also won’t work later. In the “pkcs11.cfg”, if the path to the PKCS11 library is invalid, the “PKCS11Config” will be suppressed.

May 19, 2005 · In that environment, the library file to be set in the pkcs11.cfg file is softokn3.dll. You can run the sample program in a J2SE 5.0 environment with the PKCS#11 provider configured to export private keys and certificates from a JKS KeyStore into NSS. whether the encryption Scheme is using SunJCE or BC for RSA/ECB/OAEPWITHSHA-256ANDMGF1PADDING transformation , my requirement is to decrypt the response coming from the server and that too by accessing the key stored in the Hard token.

MPKI version A guide to uninstall MPKI version from your system MPKI version is a software application. This page holds details on how to remove it from your PC.

SunPKCS11 provider = new SunPKCS11("/home/user/pkcs11.cfg");